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Welcome to Kingston Athletic Therapy

KATC was founded as a home based business in 2008 and has grown into a complete healthcare centre employing 6 Athletic Therapists, 1 Massage Therapist, 1 CSEP Certified Personal Trainer/NCCP Fundamental Movement Coach, and 3 office staff.

After relocating to what is now KATC's main office, an 1800 sq ft facility in Kingston's west end, KATC won the 2010 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

KATC now has two locations: 1663 Venture Drive, as well as a satellite location at 120 Clarence St. Room 222, inside the Canada Post building.

Mission Statement

The Kingston Athletic Therapy Centre is dedicated to facilitating healing in active individuals. Using a variety of treatment techniques, we focus on providing client-centered rehabilitation programs, strengthening for general populations, and sport-specific conditioning.

Our goal is to keep you active and involved during your recovery.

We strive to:

  • Minimize the time from injury to return to sport/activity
  • Eliminate muscle imbalances
  • Increase the strength and stability of injured muscles and joints
  • Optimize muscle firing and retrain specific movement patterns
  • Return you stronger and more prepared for the demands of competition and/or life!

Our ultimate goal is to help you function pain free, live with a higher quality of life, achieve higher levels of competition, minimize your exposure to injury and improve your overall health.

We educate you on prevention, maintenance, and therapeutic exercise, helping you maintain the improvements experienced from your treatment and rehabilitation program, thereby decreasing the potential for re-injury and chronic conditions.

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