Testimonial: Effective Treatment

In early 2011, one of my gymnasts referred me to KATC, as I had been attempting to treat an injury sustained seven years prior (unsuccessfully).

Since several of my gymnasts had been receiving successful treatments from KATC, I decided to check out the referral. Within one session, there was an instantaneous reduction in my back/leg pain. Within a few sessions, the pain was remedied!

Having lived with pain for seven years, I felt there was little hope of being pain free (clearly I didn't know of KATC). Experiencing the difference that both Jean and Carla make, in both my life and in the lives of my gymnasts, it is clearly evident that KATC has an excellent partnership with their clients.

It has been my experience that they work tirelessly to find solutions to pain management, working with not only athletes but with active individuals as well. I am grateful to have found these knowledgeable and dedicated girls at KATC, and would highly recommend their services.


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