Testimonial: Reduce Pain & Stay Active

I went to see Jean at KATC almost a year ago with a knee injury I have had for over 35 years. I was still doing my best to be active, but the pain had become greater and greater, and I was slowly restricting my activities. I had no real hope left that I could improve, or do more physically. I just wanted to see what she could do about the pain, if anything, so I could coast a little more comfortably into my looming middle age.

I should have had more faith! From my first session, I felt hugely better. Jean released both knees, and within a day I was walking more and better. It was a strange sensation - but a wonderful one, too. It actually felt like 35 years worth of misery unwinding.

That was a year ago. My pain has been reduced considerably, and I am now doing things I have not done in over 20 years (running, skipping, and jumping, high intensity workouts, running up the stairs). I have lost quite a bit of weight, and physical activity is now part of my day every day. I still see Jean for tune-ups, but the best thing is that Jean taught me a lot about my body, and how to manage occasional flare-ups with ice, stretching and strengthening.

In short, I'm a big fan. My only other option was likely a knee replacement. I now don't think I will ever need one. You have no idea how happy it makes me to realize that I can improve, that I can do things that I did not think possible.


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