Testimonial: Run Twice The Distance

I went to see Jean Soleyn at the Kingston Athletic Therapy Centre in the fall of 2010 after I heard her speak to a group of runners (myself included) at the Kingston Running Room. I was in a 10K clinic and was running about 2 or 3 times a week, anything more than that caused pain in my outer leg, SI and lower back.

Jean assessed that my biomechanics were off due to various restrictions causing a rotated pelvis and spent an hour and a half on me. I couldn't believe the difference even after that first treatment. No more pain!!! I can run twice the distance and have increased the frequency of my runs and I have absolutely no pain at all!!! What she did for me has been amazing and I would strongly recommend any active adult who wants to stay active and pain free to schedule a visit at the Kingston Athletic Therapy Centre.

Thanks Jean for all your expertise and help! I still can't believe the difference!


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