Testimonial: Integrity

I've been a client of KATC for well over 8 years - since their inception in the basement of Carla's house!

Since then I have been nothing short of incredibly impressed with the people and the business. The owner of KATC, Carla Brash, is understated and humble and at the same time she is a driven, savvy and outstanding athletic therapist and business woman. Her positive energy is infectious and is a primary reason for the success of KATC.

If I had to choose one word to describe KATC, it would be integrity.

Every aspect of KATC is done with the utmost of care; from the attention and results they give their patients to the contribution to the Kingston community and beyond, to their desire to stay on top of the latest developments in their respective fields, to the careful thought given to the expansion of the business and to the enjoyable environment they create for staff and clients.

I have recommended KATC without hesitation to numerous people and every person who has acted upon my recommendation has been glad they did. The therapists at KATC produce results. They empower their clients to take charge of their own healing and to be the best they can be. You just feel this when you are there.

I have benefitted countless times from their expertise and am so very appreciative that they are here in Kingston. They truly believe that they can make a difference in people's lives and I know from personal experience that they do!

Educating, empowering, and supporting our community so that they are inspired to be the healthiest version of themselves.